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Bridgette Tolbert

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Tell us about you…
I have more than 18 years experience in real estate sales, with 2 years in SaaS sales. I also spent six years in property management and home rehabilitation (flipping). I was a sales coach, project manager, contract manager, client renewal manager, and many other job functions as part of my title of “Real Estate Broker”.

What or who inspires you? 
I am inspired by helping people better their lives. Their success is my success.

If you can tell a future employer why they should hire you, what would you say? 
I am the one that gets things done – I am the fixer that others turn to when success is eluding them. I am passionate about my clients.

Tell us about your great accomplishment in life to date. 
I got tired of not knowing how to do things around the house. So I taught myself! And as a result, I now have a hobby of refinishing and re-purposing furniture. I even know how to use a blow torch!

Bridgette Tolbert's Rocking Resume

What do you value in a team? 
I value teams that truly support each other. They work together towards a common goal and rise up together.

Tell us a fun fact about you!
Did I mention the blow torch? 😉

Tell us about what you find inspiring about working on a “social good” project.
Changing people’s lives. It’s fundamental to what motivates me. If an organization had an opportunity for me that allowed me to have both professional success and personal value, that would be a win-win for both of us!

What other types of initiatives are important to you?
Talent Development

What is your timeframe for changing jobs?
Urgent, I’m actively looking

Who is your dream employer and why?
My dream employer is any organization with a sales team, where I can use my experience to coach and lead a new generation of sales leaders.

What types of roles are you targeting? Why?
Sales Manager, Project Manager, Sales Coach. These positions align with my experience and are the job functions I find most fulfilling.

Tell us about your dream team
My dream team is a group of eager sales professionals to lead, and also leaders and mentors above me that I can learn and grow from.

What is your location preference?
Shalimar, Florida or remote

Are you open to other locations? Please list
The Florida Panhandle

What is your greatest accomplishment (life or work)?
My greatest accomplishment is my children. Every day, I have three people who I am teaching to be good, kind people, and who are hopefully, seeing their mother run her own business and support them all. Everything I do is for them, and every success I have makes their lives a little better.

What else would you like us to know that makes you awesome.
I am more than my titles – I am a business owner, mentor, life coach to many, friend to some, and love to find joy in the small things. Something as simple as painting a wall or refinishing a table brings happiness to someone else. And I did that – I make their lives a little better. It’s the core of what I do.

Are you working on a passion project or do you have any accolades to share?
I was recognized as an Honorary Commander of the 33 Fighter Wing MXS/CC. “Fostering mutual acceptance and understanding between the military and our community neighbors. Commitment to the Airmen, Sailors, Marines and foreign partners of the 33rd Fighter Wing and my community to ensure the continued superiority of the Unites States Air Power and that of our partner nations.”

Why did you choose this career? What is your career goal?
I started in real estate back in 2002, because it was a big career field where I lived. I liked the idea of helping people with home ownership. My career goal is to use the skills I’ve learned over my 18 years’ to mentor and lead new sales professionals to success.

In your next role what skills do you feel you would like to learn or need to develop?
I would like to learn more about large sales organization leadership.


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