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Gloria Vrba

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Tell us about you…
After years of customer service, I’m looking to branch out from the niche marketing in retail and promotional marketing. Past design and retail signing copy experience will aid my social media skills and continued trend research in a new role.

What or who inspires you? 
The women who fought and are still fighting for an even playing field.

If you can tell a future employer why they should hire you, what would you say? 
Connecting the marketing dots is my passion, from social media and branding to promotional items and experiential marketing. Not only do I put 100% into my work day, but I’ll also seek for research and learning opportunities to hone existing or learn additional skills for your business and my own growth.

Tell us about your great accomplishment in life to date. 
Having the tenacity to forge my own path less taken. Through grit and determination, I was able to put myself through school while working multiple jobs and learning to function with a chronic illness.

What do you value in a team? 
A team that is open and positive with strong communication in an environment that fosters growth.

Tell us a fun fact about you!
My eco ways run so deep, I participated in a county-wide conservation speaking event in elementary school.

Tell us about what you find inspiring about working on a “social good” project.
Serving the community, helping the animals, protecting the environment and empowering women fulfill my soul and I enjoy helping whenever I can.

What other types of initiatives are important to you?
Well-being Initiatives

Gloria Vrba's Rocking Resume

What is your timeframe for changing jobs?
Urgent, I’m actively looking

Who is your dream employer and why?
Anyplace I can grow personally and professionally while allowing a work-like balance. A company like Wholesome Culture that gives back and nurtures the plant based way of living would be ideal.

What types of roles are you targeting? Why?
Social media, creative marketing, branding or virtual assistant to grow in a marketing role.

Tell us about your dream team
Tight like a family, creative and a bit eccentric where everyone plays to their strengths.

What is your location preference?
Austin, TX or remote

Are you open to other locations? Please list
Yes, anywhere dry and warm

What is your greatest accomplishment (life or work)?
Being selected for People’s Choice Awards at the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Art in Bloom floral show. I loved being able to show a piece at the museum.

What else would you like us to know that makes you awesome.
Resourcefulness and determination fuel me, it drives me batty if I can’t figure out the puzzle or issue.

Why did you choose this career? What is your career goal?
Being able to combine the trend and market research by helping a small business succeed would be so rewarding. A social media/ branding specialist for eco-friendly company.

In your next role what skills do you feel you would like to learn or need to develop?
I’d like to strengthen my video and presentation skills. I love presenting but I’m a bit rusty.


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