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Kahshanna Evans

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Tell us about you…
I’m a communications strategist skilled in client relations and image development. I’ve worked with niche influencers, nascent products and services, emerging brands, travel, innovation, and discovery are evergreen.

What or who inspires you? 
The founders of The Womanity Project are incredible.

If you can tell a future employer why they should hire you, what would you say? 
I am passionate about supporting creative teams and I operate in the spirit of excellence.

Tell us about your great accomplishment in life to date. 
I completed a program through The Four Winds to both study indigenous cultural wellness techniques and for interpersonal growth.


What do you value in a team? Kahshanna Evans Rocking Resume
Camaraderie, the ability to collaborate and grow together, emotional intelligence, industry knowledge, and team spirit.

Tell us a fun fact about you!
I was invited to speak on Linkedin’s TransformHER and I left on cloud 9 I was so inspired!

Tell us about what you find inspiring about working on a “social good” project.
There’s a sense of belonging as it relates to social good work. Beyond being inspired, it’s exciting to work with a group of inspired, motivated team members with the means to ignite a meaningful movement. Recharging my battery becomes effortless and work is fun.

What other types of initiatives are important to you?
Careers Initiative

What is your timeframe for changing jobs?
Urgent, I’m actively looking

Who is your dream employer and why?
My dream employer is Yes and Company because the CMO of the brand is an incredibly talented and driven executive but still finds the time to be personable and considerate.

What types of roles are you targeting? Why?
I am interested in mid to senior level roles because of the years experience I have as a communications strategist.

Tell us about your dream team
My dream team is creative, personable, kind, intelligent, emotionally intelligent, driven, savvy, in-the-know and incredible problem solvers.

What is your location preference?

Are you open to other locations? Please list
Los Angeles (with relocation assistance, I’ll consider suggestions)

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What is your greatest accomplishment (life or work)?
Defying labels, odds, and stigma arising from unequal opportunity and financial disadvantages by traveling the world and working with top brands to include HBO, BET, ABC, NBC, VH-1, Elle Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and Essence Magazine.

What else would you like us to know that makes you awesome.
I am a raw smoothie guru and I love feeding my smoothies to others (awkward admission, but true!).

Are you working on a passion project or do you have any accolades to share?
My current passion project is co-producing a short documentary with an inspiring narrative.

Why did you choose this career? What is your career goal?
As I see it, strategic communications intersects storytelling. That map, along with a highly collaborative process, tools, commitment, leadership, and empathy make work feel fun and exciting. My career goal is to work with an incredible creative team as well as make friends and allies along the way.

In your next role what skills do you feel you would like to learn or need to develop?
I would like to refine organizational processes and resources.


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