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Fullstack Engineer NYIT Grad
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Meet Michelle Messenger — Fullstack Engineer NYIT Grad

Tell us about you…
I went to NYIT and studied Electrical and Computer Engineering where I started my school’s chapter of Society of Women Engineers. I volunteered with Girls Inc. which progressed to a job as a program facilitator. I later became a Web Developer and App Developer for them. In 2018, I decided to join a software engineering bootcamp for more experience and later started a Data Science bootcamp. I also interned at Dell where I studied USB-C and worked on a modular power hub.

What or who inspires you? 
My mother and grandmother inspire me. They were both female programmers which makes me a third generation female programmer. My mom overcame sexism in the workplace and worked hard to get her masters. My grandmother’s experience taught me to not doubt myself and reach for the stars.

If you can tell a future employer why they should hire you, what would you say? 
I think that my experience in the Software Engineering industry as a student and intern and my ability to learn quickly make me a good match for a Software Engineer position. I am eager to learn and gain more experience. I attended New York Institute of Technology and continued with The Grace Hopper Program which is a Software Engineering bootcamp. I am currently enrolled in a Data Science bootcamp as well. Having learned many technologies and made fully functional applications in such a short period of time, I am confident that I would be able to learn any other technologies/libraries if I am needed to.

Tell us about your great accomplishment in life to date. 
My greatest accomplishment was when I graduated from The Grace Hopper Program. I was surrounded by an all female class and I felt like I deserved to be there. That is the moment I realized that I could be a great Software Engineer and I will make a difference in the world.

What do you value in a team? 
I value a team where everyone is equal and their voices can be heard. I believe it is important to listen to each other with an open mind without interruption. Collaboration is key to working together and I think listening is just the start.

Tell us a fun fact about you!
I am a third generation female programmer. I am so proud of that!

Tell us about what you find inspiring about working on a “social good” project.
I am very passionate about organizations that work to inspire women. In college, I started the Society of Women Engineers chapter at my school because I saw that we needed to support each other. I continued with connecting with Girls Inc and Girls Scouts to inspire girls to get excited about STEM. In my professional years, I believe a company that empowers women would inspire me.

Michelle Messenger's Rocking Resume

What other types of initiatives are important to you?
Charity/Volunteering Initiatives

What is your timeframe for changing jobs?
Urgent, I’m actively looking

Who is your dream employer and why?
I don’t have a specific dream employer. My dream would be to work for a company that helps me succeed and challenges me and appreciates what I do for them.

What types of roles are you targeting? Why?
I am targeting software engineer roles, data engineer roles and full stack engineer roles. I do not have enough experience to be a lead or manager but I would love to work up to that.

Tell us about your dream team
My dream team would be equal in every aspect. I would want to be on a diverse team so that multiple ideas can blossom. I also want to work on a team who supports each other and helps each other rise.

What is your location preference?
New York or Remote

Are you open to other locations? Please list
I would be open to locations near New York.

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What is your greatest accomplishment (life or work)?
I still am involved with the non profit I have worked with for years. I am a program facilitator. I teach STEM programming to girls ranging from ages 5 to 18. A few years ago, I taught a class to a high school group who wanted to create an app. They decided that a great app would be to make an app to help sexual assault victims since that was a major problem in their community. Fast forward to today, I attended a Girls Inc. breakfast where one of my former students was speaking. Her words were so touching as she spoke about how this program made her more confident. She spoke about how I helped her become the woman she is growing into. At the moment, I really was touched at the fact that I helped someone. That was my greatest accomplishment. In a world where people can be so mean and try to tear people down, there was a community that was there to support them.

What else would you like us to know that makes you awesome.
I still volunteer my time as much as I can to give back. I believe that as a leader, I can share my knowledge and try to inspire others.

Are you working on a passion project or do you have any accolades to share?
I am currently working on a Girls Inc. app where the girls we serve have access to information and can stay in touch with each other.

Why did you choose this career? What is your career goal?
I chose this career because it was a way for me to combine my passion for technology, creativity and making the world a better place. I saw the potential for technology to make a big difference for people and I wanted to be a part of that.

In your next role what skills do you feel you would like to learn or need to develop?
I would like to strengthen my programming knowledge and work at learning leadership skills and become a mentor for future employees



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